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Drone Biz / Business - 2 years ago

The Drone Fiesta – Aeronotsomuch

What did the heck occur in Albuquerque on the annual Balloon Fiesta? Native information reported that the Balloon Fiesta was a “no drone zone,” plus the authoritarian “don’t even give it some thought” full with fines and jail time. DJI had...

Drone Biz / Business - 2 years ago

BMFA – EASA update

The newest drafts of the EASA laws for unmanned plane have been revealed just lately by the European Fee and include a big and constructive improvement for mannequin flyers.  DG MOVE (the European Transport Fee) submitted a proposal to take away man...

Drone Biz / Business - 2 years ago

BAAM Tech Inspire 2 multi-frequency PPK $2500

After a really profitable launch of the BAAM Tech Phantom four PPK system, BAAM Tech has launch a PPK system for the Encourage 2 with X4S gimbal. The BAAM Tech PPK system is the bottom value multi-frequency GPS at $2500. The system makes use of GPS L...