All about DJI's Home and Course Lock intelligent drone flight modes

All about DJI's Home and Course Lock intelligent drone flight modes

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On this new collection of posts, we will probably be wanting into DJI's clever flight modes to study why they its exist and the way or when to make use of them. This text incorporates some affiliate hyperlinks which helps Dronemade hold free and energy ever extra drone assets to you.


What are Residence and Course Lock by DJI?

How does they work?

What are the choices?

Which drones function them?

Course Lock Intelligent Flight Mode DJI

What are DJI House and Course Lock modes?

Residence and Course Lock modes are fairly unknown to most of the people regardless of been one the primary clever flight modes made out there by DJI. However they will show helpful when wanting to coach or have a straight line shot for e.g.

The DJI House and Course flight modes can be found on the Mavic and Phantom collection. In these two flight modes, your drone will transfer in a straight line:

  • Course Lock mode: when utilizing this mode, your drone will probably be locked into a transparent runway the place yoiu will solely be capable of transfer it ahead or backwards while protecting full management of your gimbal.
  • House Lock mode: when utilizing this mode, you are setting your drone to fly again to you in a straight line (regardless of through which path you are aiming to go) however hold management throughout its flight again to you (which is the primary distinction with return to house perform).
Home Lock Mode Menu

How do DJI House and Course modes work?

To activate them, merely faucet your app display and choose auto flight modes on the let hand aspect. You'll have all of the clever flight modes obtainable in your drone showing there. For the mavic and phantoms, it is best to be capable of discover each House and Course Lock modes.

  • Course Lock flight mode: decide your flight path.

Earlier than choosing this mode, purpose your digital camera and the entrance of your drone in the direction of the vacation spot or filming topic you need to attain. As soon as in place, lively the Course Lock mode and your drone will solely transfer in the direction of or backwards out of your vacation spot/topic.

This mode could be very helpful whenever you're flying in slender areas and simply need to focus as regards to filming. We had an excellent want of it when filming a river on Taveuni Island (Fiji) for e.g. because it was in the midst of the jungle with timber on each side.

  • Residence Lock flight mode: return to residence faster and safer

To activate this mode, you will have to be at the least 5m away from your property level. If so, as soon as activated, your drone will probably be flying again in the direction of your house level and cease when 5m away from it and hover. Its could be a little complicated as regardless of the place you are pointing the joysticks, your drone shall be flying in the direction of its House Level. You stay answerable for the velocity, peak and digital camera throughout the entire time.

As mentioning House Lock mode has the benefit of letting you answerable for the velocity and peak of your flight which suggests you'll probably save battery by going quicker and fly greater or decrease throughout your flight in comparison with the return to residence perform which is automated for you.

What are DJI Course and Residence Lock choices?

There are not any set choices to pick from. You stay answerable for the velocity, altitude and gimbal throughout the entire time in these two clever drone flight modes.

When filming over water, this can be a little simpler though ensure you permit sufficient battery time for a protected touchdown. Too typically, we let our drone flight in Lively Monitor mode to be reminded a couple of minutes earlier than of the low battery ranges. Sensible! Water glare is a killer when flying above coastal waters, ensure you have a lens filter.

Which drones have DJI Residence and Course Lock modes?

The next drones all function DJI's Hoe and Course Lock clever flight mode:

We hope this little intro helped you perceive a extra about this clever flight mode. If you wish to study extra, take a look at all our tutorials and turn into an professional. In case you're contemplating shopping for your first drone or upgrading your present one on-line, then be happy to click on on our Affiliate hyperlinks under earlier than you achieve this. We'll get a small fee and can have the ability to carry on powering extra free content material to you.

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