New to FPV and question about turning.

New to FPV and question about turning.


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I've been utilizing the liftoff simulator for a couple of hours to discover ways to fly in guide mode. I've been utilizing some on-line movies to assist perceive and study. As for my expertise with drones, I've a mavic mini and a DJI FPV. I can do okay of their gps mode. So now to my query. When turning, I apply yaw and roll in the identical path. I’ve observed there's drifting when turning with drones. How do I “cease” the drifting as soon as I'm pointing within the course I need to go?
For instance, I’m turning round a constructing, however I maintain turning till I’m dealing with the constructing once more and typically face the place I got here from. I'm having hassle going by means of the flip within the course I would like. What talent ought to I concentrate on, what ought to I do as soon as I see the place I need to go?

Thanks prematurely for any assist.

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