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Community / Chatting - 17 hours ago

How FAA fines are administered

In case you fly someplace you shouldn’t, say a nationwide park, will the FAA use your flight document and wonderful you? It looks like they might routinely give fines based mostly on the flight report. Ps dont fly the place you shouldn’t. sub...

Community / Chatting - 18 hours ago

Need help with a year old project.

It’s nothing too huge however I can’t get my first quad (an f450 ) to take off correctly. It’s in all probability probably the most primary and price range sensible construct ever potential. The specs are: Generic 30A Esc and A2212/10T 1400kv motors...

Community / Chatting - 20 hours ago

Russia drone laws

Is it cool to deliver an Air 2S on a aircraft from the US to Russia? I’m going to Saint Petersburg and I heard their huge metropolis’s have GPS jammers and that I have to get the drone registered with their authorities aviation group earlier than fly...